Privacy Policy:

Best Browser offers various effective measures to protect the user’s privacy whenever they use the Best Browser Web Services (including Best Browser Application). We collect limited information for various lawful purposes to provide our users optimized and the best web experience. We will never ask any personal information which is not supposed to ask from you.

This Privacy Policy is just to describe what kind of information we collect and how do we process and protect it. By using our Best Browser Services, you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

After reading this privacy policy carefully you will get to know that:

• We take all the necessary security measures to protect your personalised information; like we have secure servers and data is transmitted on secured protocol between server and the App. Which eliminates completely any chances of data hacking.

•  We collect information like your email id, device id,and location, we use this information to make your experience even better with the Best browser services, to enrich these services and be more user-friendly keeping the relevance in mind.

• We would never share your personal information with any third party without your explicit consent. But we may use this information for promotional and marketing purposes. If you do not want such kind of communication from us you can unsubscribe and send us a message, we will stop it immediately.

• You have the option to continue using Best Browser Services always without even sending any personal information to the Best browser, or you can even delete your information and further opt out Best browser.

We further would like to let you know either you are a new user to Best Browser or a long-time user we request you to please do take some time to get to know our practices. – And if in case you have any doubt or questions, please feel free to put your queries across at

1. Best browser Collects Such Information

Best browser never asks any personal information to download and use its services. When users download the application or even start using the application, website, or the services, we only receive some standard Information that web or WAP browsers typically make available. These information are language preference, browser type, referring site, and every visitor’s request of date and time, device information, and user information also. The sole purpose of collecting such Non-Personal and Personal Information is just to comprehend how Best Browser visitors use the provided services and how can we personalize them in better ways. Best Browser may release Non-Personal Information in total, for example, by publishing a report on its own Website usage trends.

Information which is provided manually

Personal Information which you may provide to us, for instance, the username and email addresses, when you need to access certain services offered by the application. Like, account creation on the Best Browser Services. It is up to you if you wish to send personal information to us or not.

If you ever give us your valuable feedback or try to contact us through e-mail, we would collect your name mentioned in the email and the email address, apart from that if any other content included in the email we collect them also just to send you an apt reply and updates and offers from us.

If in case you participate in one of our conducted surveys, we may collect the additional profile information. And it’s all up to you if you are willing to give in some other sort of information to us, for instance, your OS and its version, other information.

Information which is collected automatically

Our servers (which sometimes may be hosted by any third-party service provider) may ask information from you, which includes but not limited to: the IP address, your device info, and specified location of your device or the computer.

We use the cookies just to gather information regarding the date and time of each visit of yours and details about search and view. Cookies are the kind of computer files that are saved to your device and which further may store your and device related information, browser related info but they never include any user’s name or any other personal information.

Whenever you need to delete all the cookies or other tracking mechanisms on your browser, you easily can, through Menu – Settings.

2. Protection of the information

Best Browser always commits to protect the security of your Personal Information. We practice various industry-standard security methodologies and apt procedures to protect your Personal Information in a better way from any unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Best Browser has strict restrictions on the access to user data. Only a specific number of Best Browser employees have the required access. Although we try our best to protect your information but, as we know no transmission method on the internet is perfectly secure so we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

3. Collected Information Usage

All the information we acquire from you is to serve you in better ways. We use your Personal Information in the below-mentioned ways:

• Best Browser Services Management improvement;

• Best Browser Services experience improvement;

• for the sole purpose of editorial and feedback related things;

• Statistical analysis of the user preferences;

• To develop the products in better ways and to improve the content as well;

• sending newsletters, surveys, offers, and many other promotional materials related to Best Browser Services and for various marketing purposes;

• In the case of any legal complication, we need to provide you information to third parties.

Use by Best Browser

Best Browser always wants to keep you well-informed of the developments of Best Browser Services and of any other promotional activities run by the Best Browser. We may sometimes ask you to participate in different surveys to help us better our services.

Best Browser also uses the information what it gets from the users, for the statistical purposes and reporting as well. It allows us to monitor the performance in a better manner and detect various technical problems. All the analysis is done anonymously, and in an aggregate manner, so that none of the data can be traced back to the individual users.

Use by various third parties

We never share your personal information with others but a few are there:

Generic website operation

Once you use Best Browser Services, it will have access to all the information you provide to us, but it is not limited to, threads and the comments you just post in forums.

Service providers

We may sometimes share the provided personal information, it might include your name and  email id with various third parties that are supposed to perform certain services on our behalf. They may include providing the required support, and performing the data analysis, as well as providing and supporting the various website functionality and different features. When we provide the required access to any service provider we also make sure that they do not use these information in any other way other than the providing the services.

Other Cases

We may sometimes disclose your personal information:

Sometimes for the sake of a court order or any request for the cooperation from the law enforcement or any other government body; to exercise or establish our legal rights; just to practice defence strategies against the legal claims; or anything else required by the law. In these circumstances, we may put or waive any legal objection or the right which we have. We usually reserve the right but are not bound to notify you about the issued court orders, or any other legal process if they are allowed. If you do not expect us to respond to these legal processes insisting us to disclose your information, then you need to get a valid order allowing us to deny to disclose it and you need to serve the order on us before 3 business days at least from the deadline for the response.

4. Application

This Privacy Policy applies to all the services which are offered by the Best Browser and its affiliates as well, and it includes services offered on other sites too (e.g. our advertising services), but it excludes those services that have the separate privacy policies and they do not incorporate our Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy does not consist the information practices of the other companies and different organizations that tend to advertise Best Browser services, and who also may use the cookies, pixel tags and various technologies to serve us and they offer us the relevant advertisements.

5. Any modification/Change to the privacy policy

This privacy policy is subjected to change very often and the updated one will be shared on our website. You agree to review it once we make any changes in it if in case you don’t agree to our terms and conditions and the privacy policy, you are not supposed to use our services.

6. Queries about the privacy policy

If you ever must ask anything related to our Privacy Policy, please drop an e-mail to , we are eager to help and answer all your queries!